Writing 101 – Day 8 : Don’t Use Adverbs

Todays task was to venture out to a public place and describe what was happening around you without using adverbs. I am currently writing this at 10:30 at night so I won’t be able to do that.

I still want to take part of this task but I will have to postpone it for now. Good thing it’s holidays next week :)

~ Kelly ~ 


Writing 101 – Day 7 : Contrasting Argument

Today’s task was to write a contrasting argument but only in the form of dialogue.


As I pick up a piece of chocolate I hear,

“Don’t do it!”

“But I really want some”

“You’ve worked really hard to loose weight”

“But theres NOTHING else”

“Sure there is, you’re just looking for the easy option”

“I’m allowed to have some chocolate it’s not going to make me obese”

“No pain no gain, love”

“I’ll work it off in two seconds”

“It’ll take you two seconds to find something better to eat”

“leave me alone okay?”

“I’m trying to help you. YOU want to be the healthy one.”


I notice my mum looking at me strangely.

“Well are you going to eat that? You’ve been standing there a while holding that chocolate.” she says to me.

“Fine you win.”

I put the chocolate away and find some fruit to eat.

~ Kelly ~

Writing 101 – Day 6 : I Was Saved By My Teacher

Yesterdays task (sorry for the delay) was to write about someone you’ve met this year. The twist is to describe them in a way that captures their essence.

I didn’t really describe them, more of just talked about them and why they’re important to me.


As I walked into my first P.E. class of this year full of nerves I didn’t know that the person I was about to meet was going to influence me in such a good way.

His thin but athletic body approached me and he said with a smile “Hi there, I’m your new P.E teacher, I’m looking forward to getting to know you this semester.” He also happened to be my CRAVE teacher (Christian religious and values education – something along the lines of that) So we had many classes to get to know each other.

He is one of those teachers that EVERYONE likes. And why not? He’s young and funny and always says hello to you when walking past each other. But the reason why I like him as a teacher is because he can really relate to the student and he takes time to get to know them and is able to empathise and understand where the student is coming from. I think a lot of teachers miss this quality – its definitely something I’m going to remember when becoming a violin teacher.

So anyways, at the start of the year I was having a lot of trouble in my personal life. My sister was moving out of home which was causing my parents to be fighting every night and were on the verge of divorce. This was all in the space of a week before school beginning. So you could say I was pretty stressed out and unprepared for school to begin.

Like I said before, teachers miss actually getting to know their student so I was just expecting to be be in this lesson getting information drilled into my head and shoved into the next, like what every other teacher did. And when you don’t understand the topic it’s your fault not theirs. But this teacher was different, I was struggling and really wanted to succeed in the subject. He gave me the confidence and reassurance that I was smart and that I could achieve anything if I put my mind to it.

He is one of the nicest people I’ve met,  but he holds a bad past.

He wasn’t brought up the best and got into drugs and alcohol in his teen years. He was one of those popular kids that everyone wanted (even though you know that they have probably got with your best friend) Hurting people was normal to him and he wasn’t bothered by the tear that he made people cry. Getting your friends into drugs was ‘cool’ to him.

Until one day he switched. He didn’t want to destroy peoples feelings and he didn’t want to be a bad person. He turned to faith instead, a decision that has saved him and by this, saved me.

Now I’m not religious, but I am so thankful that he found christianity and turned his life around. Because if he didn’t who knows where I would be now. There were so many times where I just wanted to throw my hands up in the air and say F*ck it I’m done I’ve even contemplated running away or suicide – not something I’m proud of saying. But I didn’t do that because I wanted to show him that I can keep going. I kept going to school because I looked forward to lessons with him, it was the one person that made me feel good about myself.

And thats why that teacher is so important to me and why I look up to him so much. I’m kinda sad that when I finish school next year I wont get to be in his classes anymore.

Enough for this post. (All them feelings)

Have a lovely day whatever time it may be :)

~ Kelly ~ 

Writing 101 : Day 5 – A Letter

Todays task was that you found a letter that affects you deeply. The twist? To write it in the least amount of words possible.



I pick up the letter thats been haunting me for years. I start to tear up thinking about what might be in there. We were telling each other how much we hated each other only hours before he died. Should I open it?

~ Kelly ~ 

Writing 101: Day 4 – Writing About A Loss Part 1

Today’s task was to write about some sort of loss in your life. Never fear if it ends on a bad note its going to be a 3 part series so it will get better :)


Now everyone has something happen to them in their life that will change them into the person they are today. Mine was a loss. This person was not a family member it was a best friend who also happened to be my boyfriend. But he did not die, he’s just not apart of my life anymore.

My friendship with him goes back to when we were kids, admittedly though, I was friends with his sister first but I always had a secret crush on him. So we started talking more frequently to each other until one day he asked me out on a date. Excitedly I said yes, little did I know that he would be the one that shaped me into who I am today in good and bad ways.

The first year with him was fine it was like living in my own movie. Cute dates, flowers, new years kisses, camping everything together. But then it was like he drew this circle around me and was slowly getting smaller and smaller until I was unable to do anything without his say.

He would start wanting me to wear the same type of clothes when I was around him & would question me whenever I decided to wear something else.

He absolutely HATED it when I didn’t answer back his text straight away.No joke, if I didn’t answer back in 2 minutes he’d send the message again, after 5 minutes it’d be “Kelly” 6 minutes  “Kelly?” 8 minutes “KELLY?” 10 “KELLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHERE ARE YOU WHY AREN’T YOU ANSWERING ME? ARE YOU WITH A GUY? YOU BETTER NOT BE!!!” By that time I would’ve had 3 missed calls already. When I would come back to my phone from whatever I was doing he would just go off his nut at me asking swearing and yelling in the phone at me.

I never told him when I was talking to my sister because she didn’t like him and he’d get pissed at me when I was talking to her.

We had to have at least a 2 hour phone call EVERYNIGHT and if we didn’t he’d get angry and call me regardless if I was busy or not.

Well I think you get the point on how controlling he was. Now anyone who knows me personally known that I’m not a person to say no or quit stuff easily. So I put up with this for a while until I got the courage to speak up about it. While doing so I had found out that he’d been cheating on me for 6 months and that was when I decided that was it for us. The boy I’d shared all my secrets and worries to was gone. Completely deceived my trust and controlled everything I did. Gone.

And that was the time I lost my best friend.

This was when depression started.

Thanks for reading, keep in tune for part 2

~ Kelly ~

Writing 101 : Day 3 – The 3 Most Important Songs of My Life

Day 3’s task was to write about the 3 most important songs of my life

Here goes….


3 important songs of my life.


How am I meant to sum up my life in just 3 songs?  There are many songs that speak to me in different aspects of my life so I can’t say just 3 songs. Here’s a range of songs that have comforted me in my life.

Being a violinist I love a range of classic orchestral songs including Sheep May Safely Graze, Amazing Grace & The Blue Danube. 

 What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong is a song that I love to listen to no matter how old it is. Also Somewhere over the rainbow – Not The Wizard of Oz version but the one by IZ, it’s so beautifully sung, it really hits the soul.

All songs from Disney movies I absolutely LOVE! Old or new, they always put me in the best mood :)

You can guarantee that if i hear any acapella or even the songs that were sung acapella in Pitch Perfect I will sing non – stop for the rest of the day.

I swear every song speaks to me in one way or another so I thought I’d keep this post short, sharp and shiny :)

~ Kelly ~

Writing 101 – I’m Still Here

Now I know each task in writing 101 is meant to be completed daily to create a good writing habit but I’ve been up to my ears in schoolwork. Never fear because tomorrow is FRIDAY and that means I will have lots of time to catch up on writing 101.

See you tomorrow for day 3, 4 & 5 of Writing 101 

~ Kelly ~

Writing 101: Day 2 – A Room With A View

Today’s task was to write about a place you wish you could be in right now. You couldn’t just straight out say where you’d be and why but you had to describe what it’s like for you. I’m talking about the beautiful Greek Islands I’ve never been there but I really wish I get the chance to go there some day.


Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Being able to walk out onto your balcony overlooking the crystal clear ocean and eat your breakfast with the sun kissing your skin and the wind blowing in your hair. After breakfast you’re able to lazily swing in a hammock while you read your favourite book with not a care in the world. Maybe take a walk to the local market and smell the foods being cooked or take the afternoon to have some fish kiss your feet. Then settle down with a nice candlelit dinner overlooking the sea just like breakfast, although this time the view is the moon falling upon you. After your cosy bubble bath you had after dinner you settle into bed and think about what a relaxing day you had and how you cant wait for tomorrow to do it all again.

Where would you like to go if you could be anywhere in the world?

~ Kelly ~

Writing 101: Day 1 – Thinking About The Future

* This is written after my 20 minutes *

So I decided to take up the Writing 101 challenge. If you didn’t know I’m relatively new to WordPress and the whole blogging idea so I decided to take up this challenge for a month to enhance my writing skills and give me new ideas to blog about, I really think this will be beneficial to me and I hope that the topics will be really fun and interesting to do. I’m also planning to do the other one next time it comes around! :)

Today’s task was to free write for 20 minutes, here’s what I wrote about – Sidenote Everything in [ ] is stuff I edited so it makes a little more sense to the reader


20 Minutes free writing starts NOW

Here I am sitting on my bed with my first assignment from writing 101 to write about anything I want for 20 minutes. I honestly don’t think I’m that creative / funny / or interesting enough to ramble on for 20 minutes but i guess thats exactly what I’m doing now.

There’s so many ideas flowing in my head with topics for my blog, here is a few that I’m going to do I’m not sure during the writing 101 month or afterwards this is the only first day [of writing 101] so I’ll see how i go with it. So i’m planning on doing a make up collection post, I don’t have heaps of make up [and] I’m a really organised person so I love to see what people do with their things. In my description [about me page] one of the points [I wrote] about me was [my interest in] photography and I’m going to do a ‘love my city’ kind of post where I capture parts around Adelaide. I just need the time and patience to take the perfect pictures. If you didn’t know i go to the gym 3 times a week so I’m thinking of a ‘Whats in my gym bag” post – I hope it will be helpful or interesting. See I have loads of ideas but I just need the time [to actually do them] but luckily school holidays are coming up in 2 weeks and I’m soo excited!

[These upcoming holidays] I’m going away camping by the beach for a week – which i’ve just realised how i’m going to continue this writing 101 during that week? – I’ll figure something out. But this holiday will be a great one but also kind of a sad one as it’ll be my last one before year 12 hits me and then [after that] i’m off into the big wide world. Scary thoughts, I’m keen to finish school but at the same time it’s sad and [it’s] nerve racking as school is all i’ve ever known my whole life. I see my friends everyday and my parents pay for my education and i can get away with things [at school]. The world won’t allow this most of the time and it’s overwhelming that i may never see my classmates ever again in my life.

[I start to think about my future]

And then i think about what am I going to do if my plans all fail? I don’t know

I really want to go to university in Melbourne for violin but what if that falls through? am i going to go to Adelaide uni i don’t know all i can do is try my hardest to get a really good audition [into the Australian Institute of Music] at the end of next year.  I really hope i get to go to Melbourne. Life is unpredictable and i love it in that essence but argh it’s so hard to figure out. I also want to live in Canada and study over there but i don’t know if i’ll have enough money or anything.

I also want to live in a nice apartment or a little house where i can dress it up with little vintage things and style it the way i want. My house doesn’t have a ‘feel’ to it until you get into my room where everything is nice and relaxing. – See bedroom inspirations. Anyways i can’t wait for MY house.

But all through my travels living in Melbourne or Canada what if I find a boyfriend? Will that mess all my plans up? Well, I don’t have that many plans but I’ve known since around year 8 that i wanted to do something with violin and it wasn’t fully decided until last year when i did work experience when it sparked a flame in me that said “This is what i want to do in life” [Where is a boyfriend going to fit in all of this?] Don’t even get me started with kids in all of this. Like yes [i want kids] but no [at the same time]. I want to be a young mother – not too young like 18 or whatever but not a 40 year old woman! And i don’t know if i want boys or girls 1, 2 or 3 like SO MANY THINGS THAT I CAN’T CONTROL

Life is seriously uncontrollable, I just hope that my life after school will be a good one.

20 minutes is over now, thank you for reading :)

~ Kelly ~

Music You Should Listen To

Now I know everybody has their own music taste but the bands I’m going to talk about are mainly classified as indie bands. I always make an effort to show the bands to my friends mostly because the bands don’t get played on mainstream radios and I honestly think that they deserve more attention because 1. They write their own music and they also play their own music and without auto tune.

The first band is The Head and the Heart


Their music has so many beautiful and powerful songs.Their kind of more folk music but it’s so relaxing to listen to. I constantly have them on repeat because I seriously can’t get enough of them!

The second is The Jungle Giants


This band is more upbeat / fun / quirky kind of band. Their Australian like me and I’ve had the privilege to see them front row at a festival earlier this year. Let me say, their incredible to listen to on my laptop but nothing beats standing 10 meters away from them watching them live.

The High Highs


I came across these two guys when I purchased the Pitch Perfect soundtrack and I was like I have to hear more of them. There’ music takes me back to New Zealand as I just discovered them before going and I remember driving through these beautiful mountains listening to them on repeat, it just brings back good memories. Be sure to check them out. Also they’re really interactive with people who like them like on Instagram and other social media which is always a bonus when the lead singer likes your Instagram picture *Fangirl

The Kooks


They are just the coolest group of guys that can make really good music.They have great vocals and very talented guitar players. Listen to them, you won’t regret it.

Thats all I’m going to give a little explanation about but I also listen to The Wombats, Arctic Monkeys, London Grammar, The Naked and Famous and others. If you want to know any more bands I listen to let me know in the comments.

What type of music do you listen to?

Tell me if you search up my bands as well :)

~ Kelly ~